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[25 Aug 2002|04:34pm]
Click Me!
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-disappointed [03 Aug 2002|01:32am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

i just got back from aruba yesterday or well Thursday night at about 1o:0o.

i saw signs at the movie theater with sam. it wasnt very good it was okay. id rate it fairly, i think i was so excited to see it, i mean i couldn't wait and then after i saw it, it disappointed me. nothing like i would have expected.

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4 <3 22 <3 02 [22 Jul 2002|04:57pm]
[ mood | loved ]

happy 3 month anni to me!

Sam, your everything to me
babie`, we gone thr0ugh so
much and i cant even begin
to thank you for always bein
there for me when i needed
you the most. from the first
time i saw you ..i knew you
you were the one` and what
was that?! hm.. october 5th!
2o01..frOm the first time we
kissed' on march 8th 2oO2
i played hard to get 4 a long
time but we;ve been togethr
through everything ups and'
downs good and bad. . . we
have so much fun `together
and we act so crazy n'd stu-
pid. in my basement again-
st the walls haha and what,
aBout our wanna-bez at tha
restuarant, n`d catching big
kahunas at the beach, lol.
i couldn`t ask for a better
boyfriend.. becuz i already
have the best. i love you <3

II whip cream II: t
II whip cream II: h
II whip cream II: r
II whip cream II: e
II whip cream II: e
Sam: m
Sam: o
Sam: n
Sam: t
Sam: h
Sam: s
II whip cream II: h
II whip cream II: o
II whip cream II: l
II whip cream II: l
II whip cream II: e
II whip cream II: r
Sam: lol
II whip cream II: haha
Sam: i love u
II whip cream II: i love you too

3 months and we aint stopPin nOw

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heyy [19 Jun 2002|04:17pm]
[ mood | cold ]

tonight is my graduation haha.. exciting?! my luck ill trip and faaaaa... i wont even finish it cuz i might jinx myself but its raining really hard and that really sux it would be hilarious if the lights shut off during the grad. and we had no electric i would deffinately be like "praiseee tha lordyyyy lord!" haha. but it doesnt really bother me that much. just the fact i have to sit there for an hour and a half listening to my god daym teachers is fustrating!@~

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life goes on . . . [12 Jun 2002|03:13pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

ughhhhhhhhh 3 days can really really change everything in the world.. i felt like sucha stupid ass lately. this kid in my school likes me and i sorta liked him back but the thing is im with sam and i love him soooooo much and i know you all know that, cuz its prettay obvious. but i think we sorted everything out now.. hopefully heres the two thingys haha
Subj: <3
Date: 6/11/02 9:01:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: II whip cream II
To: Sammy

- i feel sO unloved -

sam i kno ur confused and if i didnt tell you it probably wouldnt even be sucha big deal.. at least thats how i feel now and i didnt kno it would turn into sucha big thing cuz you know for a fact that i loveeeeeeeeee you.. and i hope you feel the same way but right now im thinkin that you dont.. ill do anything for ya you know that and it would take a ton off of my shoulders if u just called me or talked to me bout it and how you feel cuz thats really what matters most to me. im done with trying so hard now ta gain ur trust back but i dont know why you would think of not trusting me anyway i never told a lie to ya.. and never said anything to hurt you.. and i wanted to remind you of everything we went throught ..our ups and downs cuz i still remember the two times that i was mad at you and i guess we gotta live through that cuz now and we got through it i forgave you and you just forgave me but it duznt even seem like it.. i want it to feel more like you forgave me and less bout how your confused..really sam i dont know what i would do without you.. <3

Subj: yo
Date: 6/12/02 12:19:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Sammy
To: II whip cream II

yea i forgive u n all ...the thing that u said dat got me mad was wen u say u liked him i dont care if u liked him a lil bit or allot but usaid u liked him n i no u diddnt lie to me n i havent lied to u either it was a big deal at first but now i was juss thinkin n it really aint ijuss dont care no more ill try to act like u never said nutin iight well call me write bak or tell me on saturday if u have to tell me anything else.love u

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haYy [09 Jun 2002|10:36pm]
[ mood | loved ]

today me and sam went to wildwood for tha day we went to the waterparks and a few rides on the boards then went to dinner and had a long drive home back to nj.. the bite marks are still in my hand well only 3 and i showed him i was like look and he sed yea i see 2 dots and i sed well i see three and he sed well i love you is three words.
awwww sweetie pie <3*

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heyy [08 Jun 2002|11:01pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<font .>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<font . ptsize=9>ye0o, im over my aunties house everyones over cuz were celebrating her bday + all the boys are watching the fight tonight <font color=violet>Lewis vs. Tyson<font color=black>. <b>Tyson</b> better win, bcuz i have no idea who <font color=violet><b>Lewis</b><font color=black> anyway..

<b><marquee>Today </b>. <b>.</b> .</marquee></b>
i chilled wit my baby sam, its like the kid doesnt call before he comes he just comes in <font color=violet> real <b>nonchalant</b><font color=black>.. i love him to <font color=violet><b>death</b><font color=black>, though. no <b><font color=violet>doubtz</b><font color=black> boutz it, tehehe! so anyhow, we went upstairs and ate that <b><font color=violet>spicy</b><font color=black> salad, ;) <b><font color=violet>yummayyyyyyyy<font color=black>!!</b> then we just sat upstairs on the <b><font color=violet>couch</b><font color=black> reading magazines.. the <b><font color=violet>spicy</b><font color=black> salad got to him so he wanted a sip of my <b><font color=violet>sugarcane</b><font color=black> drink, but i kept my hand on the top so he couldnt drink it.. HE <b><font color=violet>BIT</b><font color=black> ME! the<b><font color=violet> marks</b><font color=black> are still there, actually.. then we my mommie called and she told us to walk to <b><font color=violet>cvs</b><font color=black> to buy b-day cards and then we came back and he went <b><font color=violet>home</b><font color=black>..

<center><b></b>. <b>. </b>. The<font color=violet> End </b>. <b>. </b>.<font color=black>
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[30 May 2002|08:54pm]
[ mood | sick ]

god sam changes his profile m0re than i do haha..

-the sun dont shine forever-
-but as long as it here-
-then we might as well shine together-
-neva mind da weather-
-go somewhere and get our minds together-
-build a love that a last forever-
-girl I wanna just look in your eyes-
-and watch the sunrise-
-No more lies no more tears to cry-
-No more reasons for leavin you-
- I believe in
-Love you till the day I stop breathin-

sam and jade

tomorrow is my dance recital it starts at 7:oO im not nervous yet, either was i at the rehersal but i probably will be by the time i get there and almost ready to go on stage. It will be fun tho all my friends from hip hop dance crowded in a room talkin bout wut eva haha.
I think im sick. when i swallow it hurts like a bitch and my coughs sound horrible and lately ive been so tired goin to sleep at 9 or coming home to take a nap and waking up around 7:3o.. my mom sed i might have mono but i highly doubt that.
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hii [27 May 2002|01:36am]
[ mood | tired ]

went to sch0ol got to philly and around 9:oO i went to a party at my boy antnee's house. haha everyone's sucha crack head there xcept me, sam, aliana.. and thats bout it. everyone was there and then he kicked people out sayin the cops were gunna come and then i went back in with aliana and we stayed there for a lil i sat on the couch near sam he was eatin this blue popsicle stick and i leaned back by accident and it got in my hairrr ewwwie and then we walked to jenks and stayed there until laurens parents came to pick laur me and aliana up.. me and sam gave each other kisses g0odbye everyone around us was like .. "awwww how cute i wanna boyfriend." and joey sed "THEY KISSES NOSES!" just not at all..

w0ke up = phiLLy called my baby sam.. lauren called asked me if i wanted to come eat with her and aliana and i did.. sam walked over there and sat cross from me then we went back to the store and me and sam left and walked to blockbuster we were just down tha street and lauren called she was like "jade where ya goinnn?" and i sed "im walkin to blockbuster wit sam, you wanna come?".. "yea wait for us..I SEEEEEE you!" .. haha thats when i got off the phone wit her and i was like sam.. i missed you. and i hugged him and then lauren n aliana came ruined the moment and we walked to blockbuster got the movie the others and we came back and watched it .. oh my god saturday it was so hot outsideee i was dyin hah. sam didnt like the movie but i did i guess. in the middle of the movie he bit my armmm and i had t0oth marks in there for a day their gone now tho. hehe then when the movie was over we were chillin upstairs for a lil and then we walked outside round goretti and dated aha. my mom picked us up in front of the store and she dropped sam off and we went to mommoms ta eat. thennn we went to cherry hill mall and i got perfume, c0ol water by Davidoff in fact im sniffin tha shyt right now it smells so g0od :) and then we went home and i cleaned out my whole closet took me 3 and a half hours. i dunno how the hell i fit all my clothes in there .. so far i moved all my tops to a different bedrooms closet only my jeans fit in the closet i have now and my closets pretty spacey. i have over 70 pairs of jeans. i tried them all on to make sure they still fit, well at least some of them and i threw a few in a pile to give to my cuzins. then i was talkin to sam and ...

Sam: jade i miss u already
me: i miss you too
me: i love youuuu <33333333
Sam: i love u 2
Sam: wat u doin
me: bout to find sumthin to eat
me: uu?
Sam: looking for something
me: 0oh
Sam: dis song is bangin dr dre is bustin on jermine dupri n bow wow
me: sam im gunna go to sleep now
me: bye i love you <3
Sam: iight
Sam: love u 2

aww so sad ;( hehe..that night i realized he re-did his profile lo0k

nwa said fcuk da police..
now im in jail..

-i dont wanna see u with a carriage living average-
-i wanna do ma thing so we be established-
-and i dont want u-
-rock in them fabrics-
-girl i will give u karats till u feel u a rabbit-
-anything in ur path u want u can have-
-walk through the mall if u it u can grab-
- total it all up and put it on ma tab-
- and then tell ur friends all the fun u had-

sam loves jade


today we came down the shore and checked out a few open houses well one.. it was sellin for $949,900.00 just round tha shit to 1 million god. we got in and unpacked all that shit and i just sat round watched like 3 movies on the disney channel rofl.. we went to dinner at Harrah's at a steakhouse place it was ok, i guess :P! and then we went to see Enough staring Jennifer Lopez (my idoL) u can say.. it was really goodddd go see it!!!
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picturezZz :) [23 May 2002|08:39pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

^^jesus god dont i have HUGE eyes in that picture..icaramba

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[23 May 2002|07:41pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

ye0o.. tomorrows friday cant wait only cuz its the last day of skool for the week. and usually they are tons of fun hehe. Saturday sam's going to come over at 1:oO and were going to watch "The Others," it's sucha good movie i saw it when it came out last summer in the theater. omg that was the time when i liked locchetto haha, seems like so long ago..

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one month anni <3!! [22 May 2002|06:45pm]
[ mood | happy ]

heyy today's me and sam's one month anniversary!! <33 i love him so much hes my heart..

Sam: yooo bayb
me: heyy sexay
Sam: wha ud oin
me: nuttin
me: todays a month haha..
me: Uu?
Sam: ino
Sam: i love u
Sam: play bball
me: i love you too
me: lol

aww how cutie..im listenin to me and sam's song now haha imma weirdO

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ill love you no matter what. [19 May 2002|02:12am]
[ mood | sad ]

Sam: my head is spinning
me: go lay d0wn
Sam: no
Sam: id ont want to
me: then d0nt
Sam: i love u
me: i love you t0o
Sam: i forgot to tell u early os i told u now

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[19 May 2002|02:11am]
why did we have to go and make things so complicated :( i love you so much i never felt like this before..
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ha [14 May 2002|05:28pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

hehe i am?! :)

last night i was talkin to my baby, sam. i feel like i can tell him anything. and i think he feels the same, he knows i wont tell anyone if its something he wants to keep secret. i dunno i was just telling him how i felt about everyone and how things bother him. we were pretty much gossiping about people and he told me how he felt about someone .. fart machine.. but he was joking around and then he was like iight for real for real.. i think... blah blah blah.. then i was like yea i burp a lot and that prolly bothers you and he sed but i love you.. i thought that was sweet. :) hehe but back to what i was saying. i dont think i was ever as close to any of my guy friends or boyfriends like i am with him its just i love him so much and i appreciate everything about him. Hes always there for me to talk to. And when hes around i always have a smile on my face, and if im ever sad hes the one to always cheer me up.. he makes me feel better about myself sometimes, and he always makes me laugh. The things we do, ill cherish them forever. as long as i live and were together ill always remember him.. and i never wanna lose you sam..

i love you baby boy i always will
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ye0o [12 May 2002|12:13pm]
heyy yesterday i chilled wit my hubbie sam.. and then at 7:15-ish i went to my friend jades party ha i never wrote my name on an evelope before. I got my groove on last night, danced tha night away! it was fun haha i met a lotta new people too. Over all i had a good time last night..
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heyy [11 May 2002|01:36pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

ye0o im soooo amazingly bored.. and i just did my friend christies lj its real hot.. i had sum help wit my girl nikki to host the bg for me so i could put it up thuR.. but anyway imma bout to bounce so i can go call my hubbie sam and see wut he's doin holla!

jada .&. sam

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heyy [07 May 2002|06:21pm]
[ mood | tired ]

skool blahhh hate skOoL, dance at 8:3o-9:3o!

skool also.. nothing special about that.

ENK fashion show for women with mommie n daddie

stayed wit sam saw tom bobby "that crew" ha..

saw spiderman with sam, it was a great movie go see it!

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[03 May 2002|08:00pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

You are Alyssa

You acted in cool movies like:

Goldrush, Charmed, Fear
and Poison Ivy2.

Take the "Which Hollywood Princess are you?"
quiz @ planetag.de

people say i look like her.. seriously! my uncle my cuzins my mom..

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heyy bitches [01 May 2002|08:42pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

well im really bored thinking about starting a website even tho im not too good at that kind of stuff.. but im going to try if anyone can help me im or email me ;) thanx a bunchez*

iLu <3 jada

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