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hehe i am?! :)

last night i was talkin to my baby, sam. i feel like i can tell him anything. and i think he feels the same, he knows i wont tell anyone if its something he wants to keep secret. i dunno i was just telling him how i felt about everyone and how things bother him. we were pretty much gossiping about people and he told me how he felt about someone .. fart machine.. but he was joking around and then he was like iight for real for real.. i think... blah blah blah.. then i was like yea i burp a lot and that prolly bothers you and he sed but i love you.. i thought that was sweet. :) hehe but back to what i was saying. i dont think i was ever as close to any of my guy friends or boyfriends like i am with him its just i love him so much and i appreciate everything about him. Hes always there for me to talk to. And when hes around i always have a smile on my face, and if im ever sad hes the one to always cheer me up.. he makes me feel better about myself sometimes, and he always makes me laugh. The things we do, ill cherish them forever. as long as i live and were together ill always remember him.. and i never wanna lose you sam..
i love you baby boy i always will
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