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went to sch0ol got to philly and around 9:oO i went to a party at my boy antnee's house. haha everyone's sucha crack head there xcept me, sam, aliana.. and thats bout it. everyone was there and then he kicked people out sayin the cops were gunna come and then i went back in with aliana and we stayed there for a lil i sat on the couch near sam he was eatin this blue popsicle stick and i leaned back by accident and it got in my hairrr ewwwie and then we walked to jenks and stayed there until laurens parents came to pick laur me and aliana up.. me and sam gave each other kisses g0odbye everyone around us was like .. "awwww how cute i wanna boyfriend." and joey sed "THEY KISSES NOSES!" just not at all..

w0ke up = phiLLy called my baby sam.. lauren called asked me if i wanted to come eat with her and aliana and i did.. sam walked over there and sat cross from me then we went back to the store and me and sam left and walked to blockbuster we were just down tha street and lauren called she was like "jade where ya goinnn?" and i sed "im walkin to blockbuster wit sam, you wanna come?".. "yea wait for us..I SEEEEEE you!" .. haha thats when i got off the phone wit her and i was like sam.. i missed you. and i hugged him and then lauren n aliana came ruined the moment and we walked to blockbuster got the movie the others and we came back and watched it .. oh my god saturday it was so hot outsideee i was dyin hah. sam didnt like the movie but i did i guess. in the middle of the movie he bit my armmm and i had t0oth marks in there for a day their gone now tho. hehe then when the movie was over we were chillin upstairs for a lil and then we walked outside round goretti and dated aha. my mom picked us up in front of the store and she dropped sam off and we went to mommoms ta eat. thennn we went to cherry hill mall and i got perfume, c0ol water by Davidoff in fact im sniffin tha shyt right now it smells so g0od :) and then we went home and i cleaned out my whole closet took me 3 and a half hours. i dunno how the hell i fit all my clothes in there .. so far i moved all my tops to a different bedrooms closet only my jeans fit in the closet i have now and my closets pretty spacey. i have over 70 pairs of jeans. i tried them all on to make sure they still fit, well at least some of them and i threw a few in a pile to give to my cuzins. then i was talkin to sam and ...

Sam: jade i miss u already
me: i miss you too
me: i love youuuu <33333333
Sam: i love u 2
Sam: wat u doin
me: bout to find sumthin to eat
me: uu?
Sam: looking for something
me: 0oh
Sam: dis song is bangin dr dre is bustin on jermine dupri n bow wow
me: sam im gunna go to sleep now
me: bye i love you <3
Sam: iight
Sam: love u 2

aww so sad ;( hehe..that night i realized he re-did his profile lo0k

nwa said fcuk da police..
now im in jail..

-i dont wanna see u with a carriage living average-
-i wanna do ma thing so we be established-
-and i dont want u-
-rock in them fabrics-
-girl i will give u karats till u feel u a rabbit-
-anything in ur path u want u can have-
-walk through the mall if u it u can grab-
- total it all up and put it on ma tab-
- and then tell ur friends all the fun u had-

sam loves jade


today we came down the shore and checked out a few open houses well one.. it was sellin for $949,900.00 just round tha shit to 1 million god. we got in and unpacked all that shit and i just sat round watched like 3 movies on the disney channel rofl.. we went to dinner at Harrah's at a steakhouse place it was ok, i guess :P! and then we went to see Enough staring Jennifer Lopez (my idoL) u can say.. it was really goodddd go see it!!!
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