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<font . ptsize=9>ye0o, im over my aunties house everyones over cuz were celebrating her bday + all the boys are watching the fight tonight <font color=violet>Lewis vs. Tyson<font color=black>. <b>Tyson</b> better win, bcuz i have no idea who <font color=violet><b>Lewis</b><font color=black> anyway..

<b><marquee>Today </b>. <b>.</b> .</marquee></b>
i chilled wit my baby sam, its like the kid doesnt call before he comes he just comes in <font color=violet> real <b>nonchalant</b><font color=black>.. i love him to <font color=violet><b>death</b><font color=black>, though. no <b><font color=violet>doubtz</b><font color=black> boutz it, tehehe! so anyhow, we went upstairs and ate that <b><font color=violet>spicy</b><font color=black> salad, ;) <b><font color=violet>yummayyyyyyyy<font color=black>!!</b> then we just sat upstairs on the <b><font color=violet>couch</b><font color=black> reading magazines.. the <b><font color=violet>spicy</b><font color=black> salad got to him so he wanted a sip of my <b><font color=violet>sugarcane</b><font color=black> drink, but i kept my hand on the top so he couldnt drink it.. HE <b><font color=violet>BIT</b><font color=black> ME! the<b><font color=violet> marks</b><font color=black> are still there, actually.. then we my mommie called and she told us to walk to <b><font color=violet>cvs</b><font color=black> to buy b-day cards and then we came back and he went <b><font color=violet>home</b><font color=black>..

<center><b></b>. <b>. </b>. The<font color=violet> End </b>. <b>. </b>.<font color=black>
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